Answering FAQs about 1300 Numbers

Many business owners have heard about how clever and catchy 1300 numbers can help improve lead generation and sales. Unfortunately, a good number of business owners are still hesitant to sign up for one because they do not fully understand the service. To help you out, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding 1300 numbers:


What’s the difference between a 1300 number and a 1800 number?


Although 1300 and 1800 numbers serve the same purpose, there is one important detail that differentiates the two phone numbers: charges. In a 1300 number set-up, the cost of a call will be split between the caller and the business. With 1800 numbers, the cost of a call falls completely on the shoulders of the business.


Do I need a new phone line to accommodate the 1300?


No. 1300 numbers “piggy-back” off of your existing phone line, so there is no need to register for another one. Your 1300 number will overlap with your existing phone line, but will be billed separately. In other words, you will receive separate bills for your regular phone usage and the 1300 number.


What happens to my 1300 number if I move my business?


1300 numbers are reserved throughout Australia. This means that once you lease a 1300 number, you can use it throughout the country. This is especially useful if you have plans to expand to other states as it gives you a unified number for all your branches.


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